Hongkong Land opens new suites of The Marq

Hongkong Land in cooperation with An Khang, on 22th April officially launched a new show suites for the much-awaited luxury residential project.

What is the formula for success for luxury condominium project The Marq?

Location has always been the most important factor for property investors, golden advice by Donald Trump. However, for Vietnamese investors, the reputation of the developers and classy amenities are two equally important factors that add significant values. The Marq - one of the rare projects offering a combination of these three desirable factors - is attracting the attention of both investors and home buyers.

Hongkong Land continues 132-year legacy in Vietnam

With a history of 132 years backed by a series of iconic projects across Asia, Hongkong Land is continuing to write its chronicles with luxury real estate projects in Vietnam, and The Marq certainly cannot go without mention.  

Large apartments at The Marq
set to become a hotspot
for savvy customers

Just a year ago, small-sized apartments were still in favour as people preferred the convenience and entertainment the outside world provided. But with the rise of the pandemic, demand has been soaring for large apartments with on-site amenities to assure comfort while being home around the clock – and as in many other aspects, The Marq stands heads and shoulders around competition in this field, luring in both homebuyers and investors.

The Marq - Savvy Investor’s Choice

What are the commonalities in value creation of luxury condominium projects in the Central Business District (CBD) of Bangkok, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City other than a super prime location besides architectural uniqueness, sophisticated interior design and premium amenities?

Hongkong Land’s luxury condominium project was honoured with three prestigious 5-star awards at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020

Among the award winners at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020, The Marq in Viet Nam was honoured in the most categories, including three prestigious 5-star awards.

The Marq honoured with five prestigious awards at Asia-Pacific Property Awards

The Marq, a luxury condominium project developed by Hongkong Land and An Khang, has scored a hat-trick with three prestigious 5-star Awards and two Winner Awards at the Red Carpet Awards ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Property Awards (APPA), which took place on September 7 in York city, UK.

The Marq – a true architectural masterpiece by a team of excellence

The Marq is not only a luxury condominium representing Hongkong Land’s trademark quality being implemented in the Vietnamese property market, but also a true architectural work, conducted by the most reputable partners in the region.

The Marq lures
Hong Kong investors

The Marq Roadshow – the exclusive 2-day event featuring six sessions on June 27-28, 2020 at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to introduce The Marq, a new luxury condominium situated in the heart of District 1 in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City developed by Hongkong Land and An Khang – lured an impressive number of Hong Kong investors and brought dozens of actual sales. The event was held by Asia Bankers Club (ABC) as a premium investment club for banking and finance executives, business owners, and their privileged guests.

The Marq District 1 offers new attractive sales policy program

To celebrate the recent topping out ceremony on May 22, developers Hongkong Land and An Khang have just released a new attractive sales policy programme applied for all The Marq units deposited from 25 May 2020 to 24 August 2020.


On May 22, 2020, Hongkong Land, in cooperation with An Khang, successfully held the topping-out ceremony of The Marq, luxury apartments located at 29B Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC..


Perhaps many of us have heard the story about Snow White’s magical mirror with its miraculous features. Now, the latest gadget to jump on the smart home bandwagon is straight out of a fairy tale! Whether you want to search for weather information or news updates, or control your home, the gadget is here to fulfil your needs. The 'magic mirror' of the 4.0 era is one of the highlights at The Marq – a luxury condominium in the heart of HCM City.

Decoding the attraction of The Marq on Nguyen Dinh Chieu street

On the real estate map of Ho Chi Minh City, while District 2 and District 7 - the representatives of the East and the South - are regarded as go-to places for the new rich, District 1 always carries a unique value with the imprints of an old Ho Chi Minh City filled with nostalgia.


The Marq, a luxury condominium project in the heart of District 1, is attracting successful and sophisticated residents thanks to its interplay of real elegance with an open and modern look.


Possessing a prime location in the heart of HCM City's District 1, The Marq is a preferred choice for the savvy buyers. Why has this luxury condominium project attracted such special attention?


Leaving behind the noisy and bustling rhythms of the metropolis, here at The Marq - a luxury condominium in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, you can enjoy the peacefulness among the blue sky, white clouds and spectacular surroundings.


The Marq is one of few luxury projects keeping pace with the global trend of a resort-themed Sky Club on the terrace. With unbeatable views of the city centre, it offers the perfect experience for those in search of the true value of life.

The Sky Club - the exclusive resort-style amenities at The Marq

The Marq is one of the few luxury projects keeping pace with the global trend of a resort-themed Sky Club on the terrace. With unbeatable views of the city center, it offers the perfect experience for those in search of the true value of life.

Impressive 6.9 metre high ceilings
at The Marq

A true living space is not merely a shelter, but also a source of daily inspiration, so that each passing second is a memorable moment.

The Marq, the epic of marble

Over thousands of years, marble has attained a unique position in architecture and is associated with the development of many civilizations.

Living beyond luxury with ultimate amenities at The Marq

For years, the living spaces of wealthy lifestyle connoisseurs have been integrated with haut couture-level amenities and exclusive privileges.

The Marq - your mark of distinction in District 1 of HCMC

For wealthy, successful lifestyle connoiseurs, the value of a real estate project at the heart of a city centre lies not only in the developer’s reputation, its magnificent scale, unique architectural style, or luxurious amenities, but also in invisible features such as its heritage value.

Hongkong Land appoints Coteccons as the main contractor for The Marq

Hongkong Land announced the appointment of Coteccons as the main contractor for its latest luxury residential development, The Marq.

The Marq by Hongkong Land makes a splashy debut in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City’s CBD skyline will be getting an exciting update in 2022 when Hongkong Land completes construction of The Marq, its newest luxury development in the heart of the city.

Hongkong Land unveils its latest luxury project in the heart of District 1

Hongkong Land, one of the most reputable developers in the Vietnam’s luxury residential market, has unveiled its second condominium project in HCM City -The Marq.

Hongkong Land unveils The Marq's sales gallery and show suites in HCMC

The long-awaited luxury project at 29B Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City opened its show suites for the first time at the end of March 2019.

The Marq – Vietnam’s ultimate luxury residential destination to be launched

Located in the heart of District 1, the development will provide 515 opulent residences comprising one- to four-bedroom condominiums and penthouses offering stunning views of Ho Chi Minh City and a true luxury lifestyle for discerning investors.